Chapter 1

The morning was different for Umali but was otherwise in many homes. A group of young men were elected. They had no right to object for any reason whatsoever. The leaders of the five clans made the decree, and their decision was absolute as long as there was no king yet. 

Amongst the saddened family included the Ibe’s and the Madwu’s. Even Ochigbo was surprised as to why they chose him amongst his brothers. Even if he was a strong-willed child and a troublesome son, he does not deserve a suicide mission. 

Ochigbo’s mother was a tender woman who was somewhat indecisive, both in her words and actions, unlike her husband Maxwell Ibe that was hardcore, strong-willed and determined. It was evident that Ochigbo took after his father in every way. There was more reason to choose him for the suicide mission over his siblings.

“My son, please be careful,” warned Ochigbo’s mother, disregarding her husband’s vain praise upon his son. 

“Ochigbo, you are a strong man!” his father praised him as he sat in the reclining chair, rubbing his protruding belly friskily. 

But it was unlike the Madwu’s. Felix was the only son of the accomplished businessman Okonkwo Madwu. And this was not what the businessman wanted for his son the least. He wanted Felix to become a businessman like himself. He never planned that his son would go on a suicide mission. But why do they have to choose their son amongst the rest of the businessmen sons in Umali?

It was disappointing that he had no power over the absolute command of the elders of the five clans. He and his wife would only support their son with fervent prayers and hope that everything worked out in his favor.

 This hunting was nothing other than an ultimate search for something nonsensical however they dared not say this publicly…..Was it nonsensical?

For both families, only time could tell…