Who is Danniel Babajide?

About Danniel? Okay, He is a young man who grew up in a library (LoL) what I mean is, he grew up exposed to classic novels and comics (the stan Lee’s). He grew up exposed to the world of art as those that surrounded him (father, uncle’s, brother’s) were all artists in their ways. Danniel Babajide grew up to love and study arts in all its forms and went ahead to obtain his M.A in Linguistics and African languages.He is one of the most distinguished but Independent Book publisher in Africa. One thing that isn’t hard to notice is his cheerful attitude. He jokes a lot but unbelievably is an introvert (in some ways). He loves traveling and is yet to travel the world to learn and study the culture of every society in the world. #wish him luck#. ✌️

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